ieltsfever cue card example A well paid job

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ieltsfever cue card example A well paid job

Describe a well-paid job you can think of

Describe why it a well paid

How can you get it?

what do you want in your job?

The job becomes very important for all adults in this modern world.There are many types of job in the world which are well paid such as job of the doctor, a teacher, a police officer etc.But I would like to talk about a job which is well paid nowadays.This is the job of a software engineer.It is very good job according to me.My father is a businessman and he always taught me the value of being good personality and an independent person.Because he wants to help me to make my dreams come true.I want to get this job because my dream is to solve the problems of human beings. I will work on Artificial Intelligence to solve the social problems such as crime.I am planning to gain sufficient knowledge and work experience in this field.After this, I will open my own company.I will set a client network.Then I will take the help of financial investors which help me in the infrastructure of my company.So I want to become the Chief Executive Officer of my company.I am really excited to gain this job.
(Harpreet Kaur Malliana)


There are many jobs in the world which are well paid, such as the job of a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a scientist, a politician and so many more.  Here I would like to talk about a job, which is very well paid nowadays.  Everyone passes through the hands of teachers in school and college years. Teachers are known as nation builders. All other professions such as doctors and nurses also pass through the hands of a teacher. I believe that teachers have the power to make the world a better place. A teacher is like a candle that burns itself and shows light to others. Since age-old times, teaching has been considered a noble profession. In ancient India, there was the gurukul system. Even the king’s children stayed in the home of the guru or the teacher. They used to do the household chores of the guru and in return the guru imparted knowledge. Teachers improve the literacy rate of a country. When literacy rate is high, crime and violence go down. A teacher requires good communication skills and depth of knowledge of his subject. A good teacher should treat all students equally. Nowadays, teachers are being paid handsomely by the government. This is to lure bright students to join this profession. A bachelor’s in education degree is required to be a teacher. I believe in enjoying what I do and at the same time , wish to do quality work. These children are our future. One of my aunt’s is a teacher.  She tells me that she enjoys her job very much. I have seen her students give her a lot of respect and love.

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You recently took a part-time job working for a local company IELTS EXAM

ieltsfever cue card example January to April 2017 A well paid job

ieltsfever cue card example January to April 2017 A well paid job

ieltsfever cue card example January to April 2017 A well paid job

ieltsfever cue card example January to April 2017 A well paid job



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