Describe a natural calamity that you fear

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Describe a natural calamity that you fear

You Should say :

What it is

why do you fear it 

how it affects people’s lives

and explain how to think damage can be reduced.


Thanks for giving me this cue card topic. Due to numerous advancements in this world, it gives a birth to plenty of natural calamities which are more and more dangerous than each other. From all of them, I mainly have a fear of the floods.
In the past 5 years, floods have come to India so many times which has become a critical threat to the country. Recently, in the south region of India, a wide number of people was killed by floods and it affects the whole economy of the southern regions. I watched in a Television that children have gone far apart from their parents. Some children’s parents have died and there is no one left to take care of them. Due to the floods, the supply of food has been closed for which people who left safe from the flood, war dying with appetite. It has affected my mind badly and created a sense of fear in my mind about floods. Because I never saw this kind of loss in my life.
According to me, the government is the only which can get a cure to this problem as they are the only who can take huge steps towards it, and can find the appropriate solution to it. They have to give a microscopic look to find the main problem that from where the water comes and what should be done in order to stop it. Moreover, we, as a citizen of the country, have responsibilities to take some fruitful steps by own to cure this problem as we can plant more trees which can absorb the water of floods and reduce its velocity so that it will not remain so harmful for us.

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Describe a natural calamity that you fear

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