Describe a stressful day at school/ University/ work

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Describe a stressful day at school/ University/ work

You should say:

  • Which day was stressful?

  • Why it was?

  • What did you do to reduce that stress?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. Well, I have lots of school memories which makes my childhood memorable and interesting. But we all know, every rose has its thorns, so I have some negative or bad memories as well. I would like to talk about it briefly. I remember, it was the time when I was in 10th standard. One day, I felt hard time throughout the day. At morning, I got late to wake up and so, I also got late for the school.

Due to getting late, I had punished from the teacher in which I had to stand outside of the class. Moreover, during lunch time, when we all were playing in the playground, I fell on the ground and got injury on my knees. It pained a lot. After lunch time, I thought that I had a  test of Math and teacher said about it in exam. I felt surprised and annoying because this was for the first time that when I forgot about the test. So, I got too low marks as compared to my others’ tests and my teacher complaint to my parents.

At the end of the day, I was getting so frustrated but I controlled myself. I tried to keep myself calm by taking long breathes. So, In this way, that day, life seemed so difficult for me. I prayed to God not to send me this type of day again.

Describe a stressful day at school/ University/ work


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