Describe a time when you were cheated

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Describe a time when you were cheated

You should say:

  • what was the occasion.

  • who was the person.

  • What did he or she do.

Well! life is full of experiences. There are lots of situations when people don’t said complete truth, or lied to you or hide some things due to some reason or play a card to you. Here, I would like to talk about a occasion that was my birthday where I had also faced things like this. On my birthday, my mother and friends did not tell me the truth. Actually, I was in my class. I was attending lecture and suddenly, my phone was rung. It was Avneet and he asked me where you are. I told him that I am in a class and I’m running late to my home.

Describe a time when you were cheated

Furthermore, he told me that we have to go railway station to pick one friend of us. I told him clearly that I’m busy and can’t come with you. So, I put my phone. And after attending my class, I call my mother and asked about tonight plans or asked that have you planned something for tonight or not? Then, my mother told me that you just come to home and then we will plan something.  So, I went to home in evening. My cousin was there and I told her about all day. We were talked about an hour and Then, suddenly I saw my all close friends, my mother had come from my room. I wonder like what are you doing there? they said to me that you just go to your room.

Moreover, when I entered in my room, I got amazed and see my room was fully decorated. There was 3 cakes on my bed. They said to cut them, and celebrate birthday. Firstly, I thanked them and then cut the cakes and collect a lot memories. So, this was the time, when they cheated me to just for celebrating my birthday.


Question: What is the definition of cheating?

Answer: Cheating is when you act dishonesty and unfairly to get an advantage. there are many types of people who cheat in different sorts like, students cheat in an exam, kids cheat on their parents for some mistakes and many more types of cases in every city, the country also.

Question: Have you ever cheated?

Answer: yes, I remembered in 5th standard in cheated in my science exam because that time I did not have an interest in science subject and I made cheating paper with help of my friend. after it, I never cheat myself and any buddy.

Question: Do you feel everyone cheats in relationships?

Answer: I do not think everybody cheats and the reason why is because, I think it’s about your morals, values, self-respect, and self-control. cheating also a choice. You either choose to cheat or not as well as, its depend on the relation. sometimes people cheat in relation for a good reason and many folks are say lie for save the happiness and relationship.

Question: Do you think if people stopped cheating the world would be a better place?

Answer: definitely, if folks stopped the cheating in every situation world will be more peaceful with it, maybe people achieve little less but it makes sure they live happy and fearless. children also get good moral values and knowledge.




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