Describe a young child you met cue card for IELTS speaking.

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Describe a young child you met.  

You should say:

  • who the child is

  • how you know him/her

  • why you spent time with him/her

and explain what you did when you were together

Thank to give me such an interesting cue card topic. There is a number of children that I met with and find so cute and amiable. But one of them I found so different from every child. I would like to talk about him briefly.

The name of this child was Arnavdeep Singh. He is my friend Kuldeep’s son. He was so amiable as I get attracted towards him after seeing him at the first time. He was a fluffy kid met me when I went to my friend’s house for some business reasons. He was playing in the porch.

When I entered his house, he said to me hello and touch my feet to give respect. I felt surprised to see this because no child has this kind of manners at such an early age. Until I stayed at my friend’s house. I noticed him. He was playing with his little guitar and singing a religious song.

I wasn’t able to understand his song clearly because he just started speaking some months before. But he was singing it in an awesome way. I felt so happy to see him because nowadays, it is a difficult task than all to handle children and give them good manners. But I never saw any bad quality in him. I stayed approx. 4 hours at his home. He remained polite whole the time. I never saw this type of baby in my entire life. And I decided to give my children manners like him.

Nowadays Young people know less about tradition and culture than in past

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