Describe a family business that you know

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Describe a family business that you know

You should say:

About a family.

How do you know family?

What is the type of business?

What is the story behind the success of family?

Well! I like this topic. This is really interesting which I will talk about. There are lots of families who run their own business and earns huge amount of money. Today, I talk about a person Avneet Singh who is a business tycoon of our city nowadays. I know him from last 15 years. He is our neighbor. His family ran a small tea shop at the centre of market in our city from 10 years.

When my friend Avneet Singh completed his study about 3 years ago, then, he decided to join his family business and wanted to convert that tea shop into a our city’s number one restaurant. He did hard work to grow up his business. Finally, One and half years ago, they got fruit for all of his hard work and success to build their own restaurant in our city. They also took a marriage place with own catering facility which all handle Avneet’s younger brother.

Really, their family is inspiring family because they run family business generation by generation and not even only join family business but also take care of it or make it more successful day by day. I am always glad having a friend likes Avneet and neighbor like them.

Describe a family business that you know

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