Describe fareway place that you would like to visit

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Describe fareway place that you would like to visit

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Where is It?

Why do you want to go?

When you want to go?

Describe fareway place that you would like to visit

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. In my life, I went number of places, some of them gave me lovely memories and others gave great experience to me. Well! today, I have asked to talk about a fareway place where I would like to visit. Manaali, is my dream place and I want to visit it for once. It has a lot of things to visit and it is a place where you can enjoy with your friends and family as well. I also read few articles about this place. I would like to explain it briefly.

Manaali is a resort town in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. It is located in the Kullu District. Weather of this place is totally unpredictable. It has natural beauty, serenity, divinity and vast green area beside the hills and beautiful river. Number of well facilitated restaurants and hotels are there where you can stay and feel comfortable. Also, like our Facebook page IELTSFEVER

I want to go there with my family on my birthday and will make beautiful memories. And I also want to visit this place with my friends once, will take photographs there, and want to enjoy all the activities offered there. With God’s grace, I will complete my dream to visit there soon.

Describe a fareway place that you would like to visit

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