Describe idea of your dream vacation

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Describe idea of your dream vacation

You should say:

Where you want to go?

Why do you want to visit this place?

What do you know about this place?


Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. A dream vacation would be a vacation that would thoroughly enjoy and refreshing. I really feel glad to share my dream place Manaali that I have chosen for vacation. I want to stay there for a week.

I prefer this place for my dream vacation because of its natural beauty, elegant mall roads and it’s quietness that makes me refreshed. Manali also have huge green land, hill area, amazing restaurants where we could stay comfortably and enjoy the sunset from outside the window. Describe idea of your dream vacation

I would like to go there with my family or my friends. I want to go all attractive and famous places there, take photos, take part in the activities offered there. I want to try the variety of beverages, food items, walk beside the open space and in the morning. I would go explore the area to know about the people, their custom and culture. Describe idea of your dream vacation

A visit to Manali will be perfect vacation mostly because it offers different activities and different lifestyles which are always refreshing. My idea of the vacation to go Manali would give immense opportunities to enjoy and to be refreshed. I hope, I will travel soon to Manali and make a lot of sweet memories.Describe idea of your dream vacation

Describe something you made by hand for your friend

Describe a piece of equipment you had repaired.

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