Describe a person who works on protecting environment

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Describe a person who works on protecting environment

You should say:

Who is he?

How do you know him?

What efforts he makes for the environment?

Describe a person who works on protecting environment

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. When we discuss about environment, we are talking about the health of the atmosphere, wilds, trees, animals and water. Today, I have asked to talk about a person I know who is working for protecting the environment. Well, I would like to talk about Mr. Avneet Singh. I am glad to share about him and his efforts because he is my twin brother and inspiration as well.

I remember in our childhood, I was not used to switch off the lights, fans after leaving the room and always waste my food if I didn’t like, but my brother Avneet always switched off the lights and asked me too, always finish his food, never waste it all. He was an environmental loving from our childhood. However, we both become matured and after completing his study, he decided to make an organization named “health and environmental awareness” with his 3-4 friends. This organization aware the people by doing seminars, regarding environmental threats and to cure all the threats. In the seminars, He always said that every person has to make efforts to protect the environment, Think of it this way:  we all have created this problem by ignoring the environment. It means that all of us can solve the problem by protecting it.

He teach people about recycle, reuse and composting and also make them aware about conserving energy by switching off things, using LED bulbs, use less air conditioning etc. Due to all his efforts, now, his organization become our city’s famous organization and he becomes a role model for many youngsters.

Describe a person who works on protecting environment


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