Describe something important you lost

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Describe something important you lost

What was it?

How you lost it?

Why was it is important to you?

How did you feel when you lost it?

Thanks to giving me such an interesting cue card topic. Nowadays, a mobile phone has become the most important part of our life. Because most of the personal data, office data are stored on the mobile phone by every person. So, it is the treasury of all the crucial data for everyone. I would like to describe a situation when I lost my mobile phone and all the data it has.
It was about a time when I was in Manali on a school trip. The whole students in our class went there. We were there for four days. When I went wandering around the Jungles, I suddenly lost my mobile somewhere.
I didn’t get it until we came back to our campus. When we reached campus, I put my hands in the pocket to pick mobile to call my parents. But it was not in my pocket. I shocked. I found it everywhere on the campus but it was not there. I told to my friends they all started finding it. Then I realized that it lost somewhere in the Jungle.
It was so problematic situation for me. Because I had all my personal as well as some crucial data on my mobile phone. All the pictures of memories of school trips, family functions, birthday celebrations were on this mobile phone which were most important to me. I remained sad for a long time for it. Even it makes me sad whenever I think about this situation and feel that I will never get my data back again. According to me, It is so problematic situation for me because its just not losing the data, but losing the whole of my childhood memories which I would never get back.

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Describe something important you lost

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