Describe time when something made you happy

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Describe time when something made you happy

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What the occasion was?

Which thing made you happy?

Describe time when something made you happy

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. In everyone’s life, there are lots of occasions when they feel happy and enjoy a lot. I also, have many memories in past that made me happy. Well! Today, I have asked to describe a moment or time when something made me happy. I am glad to share my best memory with you. It was joining letter for my favorite job that I got 2 months ago in Delhi.

I did Computer Engineering from Giani Zail Singh College, Bathinda. In last year of Engineering, college organized a job fair where lots of well-known companies were invited. There were lots of students who recruited by those companies, but I didn’t appear in those interviews due to some reasons. Time passed, I completed my engineering in 2018, but didn’t have any job. I became worried and did too much hard work, went here and there for a job, gave number of interviews but didn’t get job. It was about year passed. But in June, I heard from my friend that Multinational company wanted to recruit employees who are specialist in computers.

Then, I went Delhi and appeared for interview and submit all my documents for verification. And I came to my home, because results of interview came later. After a week, I got a call stated that you were selected as computer engineer and your confirmation email sent to you. When I heard this, I thank to God and jumped with joy. Because that job was in my dream company where I wanted to job. I was extremely happy due to my dream came true.


Describe time when something made you happy

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