Describe when someone gave you something you wanted

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Describe when someone gave you something you wanted

You should say:

Who gave it you?

What was that?

When you got it?

Describe when someone gave you something you wanted

Well! It is around 4 months ago, my mobile phone started to show problems like battery backup, display was totally broken. So, I decided to buy new mobile phone with advanced features. I thought I will buy Apple brand I phone 8+ which has 4.70 inches display, hexa core processor, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, IOS 11 operating system, Rear camera 12 mega-pixel, Real Flash Dual LED, Front Camera 7-mega pixel. My old Samsung mobile really can’t compete with to this I phone 8+. I was eagerly wanted this phone and I had also started to save money for it.

But soon my birthday came, on my birthday my brother bought it for me. I shocked when I saw a packed box of a mobile phone on my bed. It was just happiest moment for me when I opened the box and saw mobile phone which was exactly same what I thought to buy. It was not only present for me, but also huge love of my brother. As this happened on my birthday, so, I invited all my friends for a party. I show to them my phone, all gave blessings me for this. I must day that I will never forget that day and I will always remember how much my brother loves me.


Describe when someone gave you something you wanted



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  1. I want all cue cards with answer Sept to December 2018 on whatsapp as a Pdf Plz snd me it’s a humble request I need now

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