Describe your national law cue card 2019

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Describe your national law cue card 2019

You should say:

  • What the law is?

  • Do you follow it?

  • How do you feel about this?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. Well, there are numerous laws imposed by the Government from time to time. All these laws are for the benefit of the society and without these laws, we would be living in utter chaos. Today, I have asked to talk about a national law. So, here I would like to describe Maternity benefit act, 1961. This law provides benefits during maternity.

Furthermore, this act protect the employment of women entitles her of a maternity benefit- i.e. full paid absence from work – to take care of her child. The act is for all establishments employing 10 or more persons. After the amendments in this law, benefits were also increased. These areas increasing maternity benefit from 12 weeks to 26 weeks for two surviving children and 12 weeks for more than two children; 12 weeks Maternity Benefit to a ‘Commissioning mother’ and ‘Adopting mother.’ And the reason behind these amendments is maternal care to the child during early childhood- crucial for growth and development of the child.

Moreover, this law provides tension free and valuable time with a child for her mother. They can get to take care of her child. They can take maternity leave easily and also get to take care of herself in this time period. To wrap up, I must say, this is one of the best steps is taken and national law by the government.


Question: Do you think this law is acceptable to the people?

Answer: yes, this law acceptable by the Indian folks and it is very beneficial  for  women employees .This act good for  the maintenance of women and her child when she is not working.

Question: According to you rule and regulations are important for every  country?

Answer: definitely , rule and regulations  are very important for every country without rules any country look like a jungle . Everyone follow  the rules ,when rules are used in the right way they provide a stable environment and human co-existent in country, which leads peace and development.

Talk about someone who has done something to protect the environment

Describe your national law cue card 2019

Smokers can cause themselves serious health problems. The choice to smoke is made freely and with knowledge of dangers. Smokers should, therefore, expect to pay more for medical treatment than non- smokers. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

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