Human activities have negative effects on plant and animal species

Human activities have negative effects on plant and animal species . Some Human activities have negative effects on plant and animal species. Some people think it is too late to do anything about this problem. Others believe that effective measures can be taken to improve this situation. Discuss both views and give our opinion.

Human activities, such as deforestation and urbanization, have narrowed the space for other species on
the Earth or even threatened their existence. Some believe that the damage is irreversible and so we can
do nothing, whereas others persist in carrying out effective measures to alleviate the current situation.
This essay intends to examine both perspectives. However, I personally side with the latter view.

Throughout history, there are many examples, which support the pessimistic view. The South Andean
toad became extinct in 1968, and the Sri Lanka legume tree died out completely in the 1980s. They even
point out that even if we bring them back, there is no room for them to survive today. The dinosaurs are a
good example in this context. If, by some miracle, we are able to bring them back, from where do we get
the space for them to move about and proliferate? Finally, they claim that it is futile to save the weak
species, unless these species themselves are able to continue their life.

On the other hand, we cannot leave things like that to go on, otherwise we are heading for doom. Firstly,
overexploitation of natural resources should be reduced. Hunting and smuggling of wild animals should be
banned. Overgrazing and over cultivation should be stopped so that we can have a sustainable
development. Afforestation should be encouraged, which means planting trees where there were none
before. Just imagine, in a country like India with a population of 120 crores, if we adopt the motto of ‘each
one plant one’, then the results would be stupendous.

There are many examples of successful steps taken by the government and the NGOs to prove that if we
try, we can achieve. For instance, the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’, our national animal, was once on the verge of
extinction, but with the efforts of our government and some NGOs we have succeeded in bringing up
their numbers. People also donated a lot for the ‘Save the tiger’ project, which was advertised through
the media. Many other steps, such as using pre-fabricated materials for doors and windows, has reduced
the cutting of trees for wood.

To sum up, although human activities have done a lot of harm to the animal and plant species, it is still
not late to make a beginning. Although we cannot reverse the damage, we can stop a lot of further
damage, which is otherwise imminent.


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