it is no longer necessary to use animals for food or use animal products

In the modern world, it is no longer necessary to use animals for food or use animal products , for instance, clothing and medicines. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Trying to live without exploiting animals for food, clothing or medicine can certainly be done
nowadays, and people in the modern world seem to agree that it is not 100 percent justified to
eat meat, clothe in leather, or use animals as medical research subjects. Therefore, I agree with
the given statement that we can do without animal products.

To begin with, a vegetarian diet has proven to be a healthy choice. The earlier beliefs that
vegetarian diet is deficient in proteins and other micronutrients, such as vitamins and proteins,
have been challenged successfully. On top of that, a vegetarian diet, which is rich in fiber,
prevents cancer of the colon, which is the most prevalent cancers in the West, where people
mostly eat non-vegetarian food. Even the vegans, the very strict vegetarians who don’t even use
animal products such as milk and eggs, have not been seen to be suffering from any
malnutrition. So we can safely spare the animals from becoming our source of such nutrition.

Talking about clothes, today pure leather shoes and garments can be easily replaced by faux
leather, which is just like pure leather and only a true connoisseur can tell the difference. Such
products have the added advantage of being easier on the pocket, as their initial cost is also less
and the maintenance cost is also lesser that that of pure leather products. So, even for clothing,
animals can be left alone.

It is true that animals have been used for experimenting new drugs and are also the source of
many medicines, but for that too today we have computer-simulated experiments, which give
better results than those done on animals. Therefore, animals are not needed anymore in this
field also. It is beyond argument that for this Earth to go the distance we must respect nature
and its elements. We mustn’t abuse or exploit the animal kingdom because preserving those
results in long term and ultimate good for mankind.

To sum up, it can be reiterated that, it is definitely possible to lead a good life without
depending on animal products, and so we have no right to exploit them.

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