More and more children from wealthy countries are doing unpaid work

More and more children from wealthy countries are doing unpaid work in poor
countries, such as teaching, building houses etcetera. Why are they doing this?
Who gets more benefit, the community or the young people?

In the last few years, volunteer tourism has become very popular among the youth from the developed
countries. They travel to the developing and under-developed nations to contribute towards the
development of the infrastructure or to educate and aware people. There are many reasons that have led
to this tendency, and in my opinion, both the youth and the communities they are serving, benefit from it
There are several factors that have led to the popularity of the volunteer work in the underprivileged
sections of some nations. The main reason is the spread of awareness and information by the digital and
other forms of media, which connects us to the events all over the world. There is news about natural
calamities and other emergency situations from all over the world, which makes the youth, want to help
the needy and lend a helping hand to the local authorities. Also, in most developed countries, it is a part
of the education to sensitize the students towards the importance of sharing and helping others, as this
helps them to become better citizens.
This development has benefits for both the youth volunteers and the people they are serving. For the
youth, volunteer work adds to their work experience and gives them an opportunity to put to work the
skills they have learned at school and college. These days even the employers look for employees who
have a volunteer work experience. So, the youth can get better jobs if they have a good background of
some social work. To add to it, they get more exposure because of the travel to other countries and
coming in contact with people from different cultures and social strata. It broadens their horizons.
The communities these youth volunteers work in are definitely benefitted, as their standards of living are
improved, with the development of the homes and other infrastructure. In times of calamities and other
natural disasters, the volunteer workers help rebuild their homes and other facilities. The education
provided by them helps them to gain knowledge and makes their future brighter. It improves their
chances of getting a better job, which in turn improves their quality of life.
To conclude, it can be said that the volunteer work done by the youth is a positive trend, which is
advantageous for them as well as the communities they work with.


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