Some suggest the government should Towns and cities are attractive places

 Towns and cities are attractive places. Some suggest the government should Towns and cities are attractive places. Some suggest the government should spend money putting in more works of art like paintings and statues to make them better to live in. Agree or disagree?
It has long been a debatable issue if governments should spend on the beautification of towns and cities
through works of art, like statues and paintings. I agree with the given statement and in the following
essay I will put forth my views in support of my argument.

Art has always been an inseparable part of our lives as it helps us express ourselves and instills happy
feelings in us. Putting up statues or sculptures in open areas, gives an opportunity to people to enjoy it
and acts as a distraction from the monotony of everyday activities. Research has proved that appreciating
art helps people relieve stress. In addition, during tough times, people need some form of art to release
tension. It could be through music, dance, painting, etc. Having sculptures, statues or murals in public
places, gives an access to people from all strata’s of society to enjoy art and refresh their mind.

Moreover, installing statues in public places is not only a way to commemorate a famous historical figure,
but also is an interesting way for children to learn about the history or the accomplishments of that
person. India has a rich culture and history and in most of the towns and cities there are statues of
famous persons or those depicting historical events. For example, in my hometown, there is a statue of
Dr. B.R Ambedkar. Everyone who passes by that statue reads about him and children are fascinated by it
and know all about Dr. Ambedkar.

Another added advantage is that statues become a tourist attraction and people like to visit places, which
have a rich history, art and culture. This helps the local business and thus, helps make the economy of the
place better. For example, the Rock Garden in Chandigarh has modern sculptures made of trash, which
attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world.

No doubt, the government should focus more on other more important issues, like poverty,
unemployment, illiteracy, etc. However, art should also not take a backseat and should be focused on to
make the cities and the country more beautiful and attractive, for the residents and for those who visit.

In conclusion, I would reiterate that art cannot be separated from our lives and importance should be
given to making a place more appealing, by installing works of art, like sculptures, statues and paintings in
public places.

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