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Listen to the entire conversation Don’t jump to conclusions Read the questions before the conversation starts If you don’t understand a question skip it, and try to answer the next questions The answer is often repeated The speech is played only once The duration of the audio is 30 minutes You will also have 10 […]

TIP(6) IELTS Listening Difficulties

6. Price Prices are generally with a currency unit, the common are: ā pound sterling penny (pence) pence $ Dollar (U.S., Australia and Canada) yuan quarter 25 minutes cent sub – euro euro With a decimal prices, in spoken sometimes dispense point, for example: 59.95 will be read into the fifty-nine ninety five, this time […]

TIP(5) IELTS Listening Difficulties latest tips

5. Date and Time IELTS test date is one of the few will be involved in ordinal numeral of the examination center. In general as long as the first, second, and third was able to set clear and understand ordinal numeral is generally not a problem. But the ordinal numeral is written sometimes certain problems […]

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