Talk about a Skill that takes a long time to learn

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Talk about a Skill that takes a long time to learn

You should say:

  • when you first met your friend

  • what is s/he like

  • how the two of you keep in touch with each other

and explain why this friendship is important to you.

Thanks to giving me such an interesting cue card topic. There is a number of skills that people use through his entire life. He learns these skills through various experiences of life. Some of them are learned from the surroundings and some of them have to learn by yourself. I would like to talk about speaking another language skill. Talk about a Skill that takes a long time to learn

It becomes imperative nowadays to learn more than one language to be successful in life. For instance, the English language has become a universal language. So, no matter what our language is, we have to learn the English language to expand our business on the internet or in foreign countries.
Learning the English language is easy but it takes time to improve our speaking skills. It needs so much practice to being fluent in English as it needs proper practice, knowledge of grammar, proper vocabulary etc. To get knowledge of all these things and improve our speaking skill accurately, it takes more than a year. But once we acquire this skill, we can open a door to numerous opportunities to expand our business of any kind at an international level. Talk about a Skill that takes a long time to learn
To improve this skill, the number of institutes are available in every city. They hone student’s speaking skill properly but giving time to learn this skill is mandatory as the maximum time to give its practice, the maximum improvement we can get in it.


Question: What types of skills may take a long time to learn?

Answer: Writing and art types of skills take a long time to learn because, these skills are needed full-time, hard-work and full concentration. If you take good training and observe all things then you easily understand and learn every type of skill in a short time period.

Question: Why would people spend a lot of time learning one skill?

Answer: Everyone has a different learning level and capacity. Some folks are very conscious related to their hobbies and they want to learn everything in detail as well as, get proper knowledge that is the main reasons people are spending more and more time on one skill.

Question: Do people feel happy after they have learned a new skill? 

Answer: Yes, whenever humans learned a new skill and think about the new achievement. They feel happy and something special because, they do that thing the first time. there are many things which give happiness for example: cooking, writing, painting, stitching and many more.

Question: Why are some people unwilling to learn new skills?

Answer: Sometimes humans are unwilling to learn any new skill because, they do not have full confidence and, they also have fear. That time folks think they do not  do in correct way but, fear not conrol the person to learn new thing. Sometimes people and children face some difficulties so, tey fear to try again or something new.






Answer:  about a Skill that takes a long time to learn

Talk about a thing wanted from a long time but have not done IELTS exam

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Talk about a Skill that takes a long time to learn

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