Talk about some one who have done something to protect environment

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Talk about some one who have done something to protect environment

You should say:

  • Who is he/she?

  • How do you know them?

  • What efforts he/she makes for the environment?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. I Jaspreet Kaur and I am a student of electrical engineering. In, today’s era, it is very important that everyone should take responsibility to protect environment. It becomes controversial topic nowadays. People don’t take it seriously while sometimes they pollute environment intentionally or by ignorance. Well! today, I have asked to talk about someone who have done something to protect environment. So, I would like to talk about Mr. Avneet Singh who is my childhood friend.

I know him from my childhood. He is primary teacher. He is an environment loving  person. He never wastes his clothes or things that he get rid of. If they are still usable, given them to someone who needs them. He also gives them to associations. These associations may sell them and collect a little money. Not only will you protect the environment, but you will also contribute to a good cause.

He thinks that driving is one of major cause for environment pollution. So, he uses cycle for small distance travel. He goes at his job by cycle and he prefer public transport for long distances. Moreover, he runs a NGO, do many efforts to protect environment or for other welfare works. They used to plant more and more trees on the free lands and they also go to villages to deliver a motivational speech regarding this. To wrap up I can say, this is not only NGO’s, governments responsibility and environment can’t be protected by only them, but also, it is individual’s responsibility, that they should do efforts on their level. So that we can protect and saves our environment.


Question: is it important to protect the environment?

Answer: definitely, it is our moral responsibility to protect the environment and we are also responsible for its deterioration as well as, human beings depend on the environment. nature provides different sorts of medical products which are beneficial for human and animals.

Question: Should school teach students to protect the environment?

Answer: yes, today I believe it is a very important school provide environmental education and moral values also. in the modern era, both parents are busy in their work and they do not have time to give knowledge to kids.

Question: Do school in your country teach students to protect the environment?

Answer: Yes, nowadays the environment and its protection is a separate subject in school. It is a good way to teach students and give proper information with practical work with it, students know about the way and protect the environment.


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