Talk about your Favorite weather ielts exam

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Talk about your Favorite weather

What kind of whether it is  

When this weather usually occurs

What you usually do during this weather

Explain how this weather affects you.  

India is a diverse country. We enjoyed So many whether there such as not summer, cold in winter, wet and dry weather as well. Here, I would like to talk about “Rainy weather” which I like most rather than other weathers. It generally occurs from July to September but now due to pollutions it may occur differ in a different part of the country. Rainy weather also called “Monsoon”. It is the time of year when most of the region’s annual rainfall occurs. I enjoyed a lot in this weather. In my country, most people enjoyed some spicy snacks and on rainy days. Apart from it, this weather affects one’s life like children do not play outdoor games on rainy days, everyone bond to visit outside. But I love because at that time I relaxed at home and see rainy whether sit in my balcony. Moreover, I enjoyed listening to music and love to eat new snacks. On the other hand, in the summer there is too hot weather which I do not like but rainy whether relief me from this hotness. In winter, there is too cold weather in India and we are not able to enjoy fully. Overall, rainy weather is the best time when we visited in other places such as hill stations. On that places in Monsoon weather snowfall and we enjoyed snowfall there.
(Preet Kaur)

Sample 2

Weather is an important part of nature. Every country has different kinds of seasons according to their global position on the earth. It plays a crucial role in the nations of a particular place. India has four seasons Summer, Winter, Autumn, and spring. Different people like different according to their choice.

But my favorite season is spring. It is a time when trees grow new leaves and flowers of nature. There is greenery all around. Due to global warming summers are very hot in India and it is very difficult for the people to bear the secondary heat of the Sun . on the other hand in winters, there is fog all around and sometimes temp. goes very down and people feel very cold, But in spring season temp is normal not too low not too high. people go to gardens and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I live in Punjab whose capital is Chandigarh. There is a rose garden where the rose fair is arranged every year and people can see near about 1000 varieties of flowers I also visit that place with my family. Everybody dressed up to the nine in the rose garden. People wear colorful clothes that’s why spring is my favorite season.

Follow Ups

Q-1 How does the weather (or, the weather forecast) affect the activities people do?

Ans: weather affects the activities of the people in many the recent years the weather is changing day by day very fast. and it is due to the disturbance created by human beings on the earth like global warming.people could not go to their work when there is the forecasting of bad weather.

Q-2 Why do some people dislike some kinds of weather?

Ans: it depends upon the mood and choice of people.some people like one kind of weather and others are not.some people like winters while others hate the scorching heat of the sun. some like spring season while others like the rainy season.

Q-3 Do you think the weather has an influence on people’s mood?

Ans: yes, of course, the weather has great influence on people’s mood. people’s mood becomes spoiled in the summer season when the air is very hot and dusty winds become blowing.

Q-4 How do you feel about the climate in recent years?

Ans: I feel a great disturbance like the global warning which changed the climate of the the recent years, summers become dustier and hot and winters become cooler .unexpected rainfall spoiled the crops.due to global warming the glaciers could be melted and there would be a situation like floods in India.



M.A.(English)B.Ed, PGDCA.

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Describe your favorite weather IELTS EXAM

Talk about your Favorite weather

Talk about your Favorite weather 

Talk about your Favorite weather 

Talk about your Favorite weather 

Talk about your Favorite weather 

Talk about your Favorite weather 

Talk about your Favorite weather


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