Talk about a book you recently read

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Talk about a book you recently read

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Talk about a book you recently read

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic.Well books are prominent source of information, feelings and inspiration. There are lots of books available nowadays related to emotions, history, poetry, inspiration. I read many books. But now, I have to ask to talk about a that I recently read. I am feeling glad to share that recently I read book named as “The life of loneliness ” written by Dr. Narinder Singh Kapoor.

I heard about this from my friend. He said this book is full of inspiration. Then, I wanted to buy that. But I didn’t find this book in the market. So, my friend gave it to me for some time. When I read this book, I really felt awesome because this book was full of thoughts that described a persons’s thinking, views over different things. After reading this book, I felt that this book not even contain any poetry, story but contain single-single line thoughts with number of stories. As name of book describes, The life of loneliness means a single sentence contain a particular story about a person.

This book was of 330 pages and approximately contained 1071 sentences or we can say 1071 stories about human beings. All the thoughts described a child, younger, older, women and men’s thinking and views. I must say,this book help you to understand person’s thoughts that you meet daily.

I am happy after read that book and always grateful to my friend who had suggested me to read this book. And I also want to read this book again and again.

Talk about a book you recently read

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