A visit you made using public transport cue card

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A visit you made using public transport cue card

You should say:

When and where you went?

What kind of transport did you use?

How was your trip?

A visit you made using public transport cue card

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. I love to visit different kinds of places in all over the world whether they are historical, religious and geographic. I had visited lot of places in my life with my family and friends as well. Well, Sometimes, I went on my vehicle or public transport vehicles on school and college bus. But, today I would like to talk about a visit using public transport which I made with my friends. I remember, it was the time when I was graduation student.

Actually, a camp organized by IIT Rudki which was sponsored by UNESCO to give the message of peace and the brotherhood. This camp was held for 7 days, in an college Academy. Our college asked to all the students to participate in it  and gave well guidance for this before the week ago. Then, me and my 15 friends decided to go there and to attend the camp with full spirit. However, on the day of the departure, we all going at the Bathinda railway station, from there we started our journey. We board a passenger train.

Moreover, there was a lot of rush at the railway station. Also, numbers of trains were come and go from there because Bathinda railway station is a number one junction in the Asia. Well, we board the train at 9 o’clock. It was really a wonderful and memorable trip. We all were very excited and saw the natural scenery in the place through windows in our whole journey. It was really memorable day and journey which I can never forget.


A visit you made using public transport cue card


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