Writting task 2 (example 23) People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons

People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example: new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge etc.). Why do you think people attend colleges or universities?

[shc_shortcode class=”shc_mybox”]A complete consideration of people’s views about whether to attend colleges or universities is difficult to present because they are so varied. Some would believe that continuing their education is a brilliant way of obtaining the best of both worlds gaining new acquaintances and securing a higher level of education, which might in the future, pave the way to a better job. I have developed my own perspectives as well. There are 3 reasons why I’m convinced that people decide to attend colleges.

One absolutely cardinal reason is the fact that universities offer an opportunity to intensify knowledge in a particular field of your interest. On the contrast, high school educations tend to focus more on a board but relatively shallow understanding of various subjects. Thus, the option of gaining expertise universities offer is certain to catch the eyes of students.

The second reason is rooted in the fact that humans are social animals. Therefore, when surrounded by a group of friends all applying for admission to colleges, one might feel the impulsive urge to join. It is considerably hard to be persistence in one’s own beliefs and perspectives.

Equally essential to the previous two reasons concerning why people choose to continue their education is that a college degree is no longer considered to be “higher education”, but rather “basic education”. In this day and age, numerous companies regard bachelor degrees as the most basic and foremost requirement. When education level determines the chances of acquiring a job, it leaves you little choice but to keep on studying.

By way of conclusion, whatever your choice may be, it is essential to think through all aspects before making a final decision. [/shc_shortcode]

 People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons

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