ieltsfever cue card example January to Aprail 2017 A small business

ieltsfever cue card example January to Aprail 2017 A small business

Describe a small business that you would like to open, (or, start or run or own or

have) if you had the chance

  • What is the business

  • How you came to know about it

  • When will you open it

  • How will you prepare for it

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 I am not sure whether I would do any business in my life because it requires great

courage to take the risk of being an entrepreneur.

 But, if I had the chance, I would like to open a beauty salon.

 My aunt is running one and is doing well.

 She did not do much initial investment but added things as her clients grew.

 I would follow her footsteps because I would get some know-how from her.

 Beauty is a growing business.

 Good looks have become very important in today’s competitive era.

 My mother tells me that earlier a beauty parlour was frequented only my girls.

 But, today men and women both can be seen in these salons in equal numbers.

 If I start off well, I would add some exercise machines also because I feel that beauty

is not just about good looks; a good body is also needed for overall personality.

 Obese people cannot look good by adding layers of makeup.

 I would also hire good dieticians for my salon, to guide my customers about good and

healthy eating.

 It has been well said that – ‘You are what you eat’.

 My clients would stick with me if I provide them all these facilities.

 I know that I will have to innovative and provide good value for money if I want my

business to run well.

 My aunt started two years ago and her client base has grown 10 times. She has

expanded and now she also trains budding beauticians.

 If I do this business, I would like to be as successful as she is.

A small businessA small business

A small business

A small business




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