An activity that help you in work or study in routine

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An activity that helps you in work or study in routine

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Thanks for giving me such an interesting cue card topic. I Jaspreet Kaur and I am a student of electrical engineering. Well, when I was a school going child I had no worries and it was very easy for me to focus on my study. But now, I am a college student as well as doing a part-time job. So, it becomes hard for me to concentrate on my study sometime. Many social and professional issue distract me while studying from time to time.

Once I realized that all these dis-tractors are lagging me behind from my competitor friends. So, I tried meditation, singing, listening to music, napping.  But I could not get desired results. Having thought a lot I decided to write down my dreams on paper which can be fulfilled only if I study like a brilliant student. And before commencing study I always read this paper every day.

Along with this, I read some motivational quotes which I have written on the backside of that paper. When I read this paper it infuses me with positive energy. In this way, I can study for 2 to 3 hours without thinking about useless things which I would do some time ago. To wrap up, I am not sure whether this method has any specific name or not but I call it taking a glance to magical. I recommended this paper to my friend and she also found it useful. However, I call it magical paper because it works like magic and I can concentrate on my study.


Question: What kinds of work need patience?

Answer: All type of works need patience and without patience, nothing is possible because they do not have patience you become distracted and do mistake as well as, your all work and time spoil. So, every work does with full concentration and hard work.

Question: Do you think people need to be patience in their free time?

Answer: Definitely, time is very precious, do not waste the time in a waste type of things because when the time is gone that will not back. Respect the time and do some work or activities in free time with patience and managed well.

Question: Do you think Indian parents should allow their children to do whatever they want to do in free time?

Answer: according to me, Indian parents should allow their kids but in the limit and ready an activity planning chart for free time as well as, parents noticed blunt and good things which children do in free time and parents also give moral values to their offsprings.

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An activity that help you in work or study in routine

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