Many people working at home because of technological development. discuss its merits and demerits.

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Many people working at home because of technological development. discuss its merits and demerits.


In this modern era, there are a vast number of developments in the field of technology. new inventions are coming day by day and workers feel ease to work at home instead of doing the job outside. it has some advantages and disadvantages. this will be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.

Firstly, people love to work at home because they have all the facilities which are required to do some work. for instance, they have computers, iPods, laptops and many other machines at home and due to this, they can work easily at home. the result is that they can not only save their precious time but money also. secondly, some persons, mostly women, prefer this thing because they have to manage the household work side by side doing their professional work. this would help them in good management.

On the other hand, if there are flowers then there are thorns also. the first thing is people may become weak socially because they would have least interaction with the people who work outside in offices. this would lead to a lack of up to date information. the other disadvantage is they would be jumbled up in office work and household work. they would be unable to concentrate completely on any work. because it would be better if one would do one work at a time with more concentration, dedication, and hard work.

In conclusion, whether people nowadays prefer to work from home because of technological advances but this formula could not be fitted in all type of work because there is some type of work where some assistance is required of other employees and it is only possible in offices.

In the past, many people had skills like making their own clothes and doing repairs to things at home. nowadays, in many countries skills like these are disappearing. why do you think this is happening? how for is this situation true in your country?


Many people working at home because of technological development

As international travel has become cheaper. more and more countries open their doors and more tourists go abroad for travelling. do the advantages of increased tourism overweight the disadvantages?

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