Talk about a book you want to write cue card

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Talk about a book you want to write cue card

You should say:

  • When you had this idea.

  • What kind of book do you want to write.

  • Is it difficult or easy

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. I Jaspreet Kaur and I am a student of electrical engineering. Well! It’s great task for me to write a book. I fond of music and my grand father is an excellent musician. He knows about numbers of music instruments that how to play them. He also maintains a diary with lots of songs lyrics that he had used to listen or play. While,  some of them are written by him.  So, It will not wrong if I call him a writer as well. And If I have to write a book, then I would like to write a book on his life, and definitely compile his all poetries in a book.

Furthermore, it will not easy, since all his poetries, and lyrics in Punjabi. And all are hand written on old notebooks. He inherited his talent from his grandfather. The writing and ink has faded with time but their efficacy has not reduced. My grandfather told me that whenever someone was hosting a party and feeling some un-well, they consult my-grandfather. Nobody can feel bored having my grandfather. They used to play harmonium, all Punjabi instruments and guitar as well. In fact, once there was a music competition in my school. So, I used his instrument to play and also sing lyrics written by my grandfather.

Moreover, I won 1st position and all thanks to him. There are too many incidents where his vast knowledge has helped me and others a lot. My grandfather actually taught me that sharing knowledge and wisdom is our moral responsibility. His knowledge and character will definitely inspire others. So, just thinking about it, makes me excited to much. That’s why I would like to write a book on my grandfather.


Question: What inspires you to write this book? why do you want to write it?

Answer:  I like and want to write the book, but my grandmother inspires me to write the book and I share my idea with him. he gives me more information in detail. after it, I want to share my ideas new lyrics with people and I also prefer to try new things with new creativity related to music.

Question: What types of books are famous in your country?

Answer: In my country India folks read all sorts of books which gives new knowledge and entertainment. Mostly reading choice also divided into three age groups. firstly. children prefer to cartoon and storybooks. young folks love to read about sports, celebrities, business, and new technology and old age group mostly read about culture, agriculture as well as, political and get proper knowledge.

Question: What are the benefits of reading books?

Answer: Nowadays humans are read fewer books in their busy schedule but, reading books are a very beneficial and good hobby for everyone. when we read different sorts of books and we know about the new culture, cities, countries, rules, education and many more things as well as, it is very helpful to improve the knowledge, and communication skills.

Question: Who will this book appeal to?

Answer: This book for music lovers with help of this book everyone learn music in an easy way and properly know about it. I will be writing it in a very simple way and use easy words with adding pictures in properly and systematically way.

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