Talk about an interesting talk or lecture

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Talk about an interesting talk or lecture

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Talk about an interesting talk or lecture

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. I had attended lots of lectures during my college time, internship and in whole life. All the lectures were about different subjects or topics. Today, I have asked to speak about an interesting lecture. So, I would like to talk about a lecture that I had heard with full of interest. Also, from which I learned a lot.

In my college time, Mr. Vikaas Mittal came to our college and gave lecture about student’s mentality during college life for their future. He told that in college life only 20 percent of students are actually knew that what will they do in their future. He also told about remaining 80 percent students and said that remaining 30 percent want their future bright. But, they don’t know how they will do it. On the other hand, he said that other 50 percent are those who never plan their future just enjoy their present era.

After all the discussion, he said from these 3 types of students, only 2 types of students will get success in their life that are 20 percent and 50 percent ones. I was shocked when I heard because I was a student from 30 percent who are confused about their future. Then, he described the reason behind it that “only those people get success who are willing to take decisions about what they have to do or not”. After this, I totally understood what he wanted to say and I decided to make my goals and did hard work for them. I must say, just because of that lecture, now, I am a successful businessman. I grateful to him that I have today.


Talk about an interesting talk or lecture

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